Ep013 – CBD in Sport featuring FourFive CBD & CBDLife

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In this episode of the Canna Machine podcast we’re talking CBD, sport and social influence.

Meet Dom Day from FourFive CBD as he discusses CBD, rugby and the importance of clean, zero THC products for professional athletes.

Whether your mauling in a scrum, unleashing drop kicks and upper cuts in the octagon, if you’re in sport, CBD is likely on your radar or on your skin!

Also hear from Simon Dusher from CBDLife based in the North East of England. Starting out in 2015, CBDLife were one of the first CBD companies in the UK. They began selling full spectrum oils and now have a range of products alongside a white label business. CBDLife also sponsor several MMA fighters.

1. Dom Day – FourFive CBD – Founder

Having played for Scarlets, Bath and Saracens during his professional career Dom Day is no stranger to the odd injury, despite his 6’6 frame. Along with fellow Saracens team mate George Kruis, the pair found CBD was able to help aid them with recovery and rest. And as they say, the rest is history.

  • Together with his business partner and Saracens team mate George Kruis, the pair set up FourFive CBD in 2019 launching a range of CBD products for athletes. 
  • Hear how FourFive produce oils, balms and capsules based around injury recovery.
  • Why its important for the company to be able to track from seed to shelf.
  • The duo saw the tide of change in the USA and could see opportunity in the UK market for CBD products.
  • Discover why their flagship product is 0% THC and why it gets checked by a lab for any cross-contamination for banned substances in sport.
  • “Rest,recover, rise” is the company’s mantra.
  • Over the next 5 years Dom hope’s to see stronger regulation in the CBD industry.

More info: https://fourfivecbd.co.uk/

2. Simon Dusher – CBDLife – Director

Based in the North East of England CBDLife produce a range of branded CBD products as well as providing white label services. 

  • Hear how CBDLife was founded in 2015 when the industry was at its infancy.
  • Simon shares what their first products were and how THC free CBD products are now becoming more in demand.
  • Hear the steps needed to launch a private label CBD brand and the time it usually takes.
  • Discover common mistakes people make – such as isolate being used in food supplements, and how CBDLife are moving into CBD edibles.
  • Simon also discusses the ways CBDLife have approached marketing, and their use of MMA fighters and Instagram influencers.
  • Finally hear what Simon expects to see happen in the next 5 years in the CBD industry

More info: https://cbdlifeuk.com/