Ep011 – Snoop’s Nutrients, Rich Hamilton & the FACES Centre

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In this episode we meet Ed from Snoop’s Nutrients, Rich Hamilton and Steve from FACES.

Yes that’s right, Snoog Dogg has his own brand of fertilizers specially formulated for growers. Meet Ed who manages operations.

Also hear from Richard Hamilton, writer and author of the Growers guide series of books. And in the final section Steve founder of FACES explains how the new Cannabis education centre in Weston Super Mare will help educate under 18’s and their parents about the benefits and risks of cannabis.

1. Ed – Snoop’s Nutrients – Founder

Meet Ed from Snoop’s Nutrients.

  • Ed met Snoop Dogg 10 years ago. Snoop liked the produce and the pair collaborated to launch the nutrients brand.
  • The product is made in the Netherlands. Its is a 2-part, 3 stage nutrient. The recipes come in 3 types for i) Coco specific ii) Hydro recirculating and iii) None-circulating mix in hydroponic run to waste or soil.
  • Ed thinks that in the USA British American Tobacco & Phillip Morris have not moved into the industry yet, because it is not federally legal. Though historically California has been 80%+ of the market in the USA.
  • Legalisation in the USA has created a shift in focus for production. It has moved to producing the cheapest price per gram and Ed has seen prices for CBD hit parity with THC strains for the first time ever.
  • In the 10 years before legalisation in California the authorities took a more relaxed view to cultivation than in the UK. As a result, people would invest more money on hydro products.

More info: https://www.snoopspremium.com/

2. Rich Hamilton – Growers Guide

Rich Hamilton is a content creator and author of the Growers guide series of books. He has also recently launched the Hydro Chronicle podcast.

  • Rich believes that the UK Product Earth expo is very important and that people need more events like it in the UK. He describes the event as: “Exciting, busy, entertaining and informative.”
  • When it comes to growing he recommends people keep it clean and to go back to organics. Some nutrient brands have heavy metals in them. So if people use nutrients they should seek out pharmaceutical or analytical grade nutrients that are fit for human consumption. Some nutrient brands are not.
  • In the next few years he thinks the UK will follow the US route with regulation of medical Cannabis for the first 3 years followed by 2 years for legislation to catch up. Then recreational and dispensaries could happen in the UK.
  • He believes that there are lot of benefits to dispensaries – because you know what you are buying. The products should be clean and there are hundreds of strains available that can be tailored to each person’s unique needs.

More info: https://www.thegrowersguide.co.uk

3. Steve Melhuish – FACES Education Centre – Founder

Meet Steve from FACES a new cannabis education centre opening in Weston-Super-Mar, Avon (near Bristol). The centre will help educate under-18’s about the benefits and risks of cannabis, as well as support children affected by knife crime and gangs.

Steve faced initial resistance for his centre from the local authorities in Weston, but his determination and perseverance has paid off and the centre is almost ready to open.

  • The idea for FACES originally started 3 years ago.
  • The aim is to educate under-18’s on the benefits and dangers of cannabis.
  • Steve and his crew have been renovating the property in Weston Super Mare for many months.
  • The centre will offer support and education groups for nurses, police and local authorities.
  • The centre will aim to educate parents too, to help keep families together.
  • A key role is also to support under 18 kids in the area who are being groomed by county lines gangs.
  • The centre will offer a knife amnesty and free self defence classes.
  • FACES has been approved to run a testing service for synthetic cannabinoids, which will be sent to an independent lab.

More info: https://www.facessupport.org.uk/