Ep010 – UK Cannabis Social Clubs (UKCSC) & Modular Growth Lighting

Episode 10 main featured graphic

Did you know there were private members cannabis clubs dotted all around the UK, which people can now join?

In Episode 10 meet Greg De Hoedt from the UK Cannabis Social Clubs, a network of private members clubs for adult, medical and social use. And in part two hear from Adam of Modular Growth an inventor of a 3 dimensional, LED, indoor lighting system.

Greg De Hoedt – UK Cannabis Social Clubs (UKCSC)

  • Greg explains the background of the UKCSC, why the organisation supports the right to grow and how it helps people who want to run a cannabis club create a place to socialise.
  • He explains the different kinds of clubs that exist and shares why cannabis social clubs can be an important part of community life.
  • For patients like himself (Greg has Crohns disease) pharmaceutical drugs can make patients withdrawn and feel cut off. A UKCSC club can be a solution for people for both social & therapeutic reasons.
  • To help people start clubs the UKCSC have a structure and legal team which supports members.
  • Greg says that seven of the UK’s police authorities are open to discussion to permit cannabis social clubs (if certain procedures are followed).
  • He explains how the UK law towards cannabis can now operate via a three strikes discretionary warning system. However, this is not set in stone and can be implemented differently around the country.
  • Finally Greg discusses what he thinks will happen in the next five years in respect to cannabis laws in the UK.

More info: https://ukcsc.co.uk

Adam – Modular Growth

In part two meet Adam from Modular Growth, a hyrdoponic lighting company that specialises in modular lighting systems.

  • Adam believes they are the first company to create a 3 dimensional lighting system which outputs light suitable for grow or flowering.
  • The system is like Meccano for lighting systems.
  • The lighting unit emits five spectrums of light temperature a warm, red, cold white and two blue colours.
  • The system is both modular and app/ cloud based. This means users can upload settings to share with others, that have worked well for them on different plants.
  • It is constructed around 1 metre strips connected at 45 degrees using mounted rails, so the user can create cubes.
  • Adam shares how it’s possible to create sun rise to sunset, in a fading time of your choice. The system replicates a realistic sun rise and sunset pattern based on times of year.
  • 1 cubic metre generates 336 watts of 3 dimensional light.
  • A university is currently doing a thesis on the modular lighting unit and will calculate energy costs for the unit.

More info: https://modulargrowth.com/