Ep009 – Green Stem, BNatural and Herbl at the Hemp & CBD Expo!

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In episode 09 of the Canna Machine podcast hear from three brands who picked up awards at the latest Hemp and CBD expo held at the Birmingham NEC.

Meet Brett Horth, CEO of Green Stem. An award winning brand and one of the larger CBD companies currently in the UK. Brett discusses the history of the company, UK regulation and a little bit about marketing too.

Also meet Sam and Georgina from BNatural. The pair share insights into their brand, talk about the importance of product testing, as well as make some predictions for the future.

And finally meet Louis from Herbl, who has recently launched a range of CBD edibles from old family recipes.

Brett Horth – CEO – Green Stem

Green Stem are a brand that quickly established themselves as a major player in the UK CBD industry. With national distribution, award winning products and swanky expo stands too. They rarely go unnoticed!

Key Points:

  • Green Stem launched over 12 months ago are their products are sold in 350 shops in the UK.
  • The Green Stem CBD brand is separate company to the Vaporize chain which Brett and his brother also own. Vaporiz currently employ over 120 people.
  • Green Stem launched with a range of oils, vapes and balms
  • Brett believes their success is to do with a combination of good timing, and having high quality sought-after products.
  • He also thinks that whilst the CBD industry is still at its early stages, the signs look positive. In spite of the novel foods classification being debated within Europe Brett is positive about the future of CBD in the UK.
  • Understanding regulation is challenging for everyone including himself. Green Stem have their own labs and testing equipment.
  • Whilst CBD is a restricted industry there are still opportunities to advertise products via TV, affiliates and organic SEO.

More info: https://www.greenstemcbd.com/

Sam & Georgina – Founders – BNatural

Next up hear from Sam and Georgina from BNatural CBD who are a family run business based in Gloucestershire. BNatural sell face oil, drops and balms to name but a few. I caught up with the pair at the Hemp Co-operative stand at the Birmingham NEC which brought together a number of innovative brands from around the UK.

Key Points:

  • BNatural was launched just over a year ago by the pair and is a family run business based in Gloucestershire.
  • The CBD industry throws up daily challenges when it comes to compliance and regulations – however Sam believes that by being a part of a trade association and self-regulation its a great way for small businesses to stay fully compliant.
  • Lab testing is important and Sam and Georgina regularly test batches each quarter to stay up to date and to spread the cost in an efficient way.
  • In terms of what will come in the future the duo would like to see legalisation of the plant including THC but in a regulated way to ensure that products are safe.
  • The business are committed to compliance, education and legalisation.
  • BNatural are also sponsors of the new Cannabis Education Centre FACES that is to soon open in Weston Super Mare.

More info: https://www.bnaturaloil.co.uk/

Louis – Director -Herbl

In the final section I meet Louie from Herbl. Long queues formed at the Herbl expo stand and it looked like 12 months of hard work was clearly paying off. Hear how Louie took a family recipe and turned it into an award winning CBD edible.

Key Points:

  • It took almost a year for Loius to launch his brand mainly because of a lack of understanding from his local council about what CBD was.
  • Herbl produce a range of CBD edibles including peanut butter, jam and chutney.
  • Having organic products is important to Louis and he is dedicated to GMP/ having paper trails for all this ingredients and CBD extract.
  • As the company produce their products from home there was a rnage of compliance checks to satisfy with both the council and the FSA.
  • Louis sees positive things for the CBD industry in the next few years. He also sees interesting opportunities in the area of grow-ops.

More info: https://www.herbl.co.uk/