Ep008 – Mara Abscent, Steve Piecemaker, Juicy Joint and the Festival Shop

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Welcome to Episode-8 of the Canna Machine podcast. In this episode we hear from folks who run headshops or who create products for them.

In episode 8 of the Canna Machine podcast we meet Mara from Abscent who sells bags with a twist. Steve from Piecemaker pipes, Graham from Juicy Joint in Birmingham and Jack from The Festival Shop in Middlesborough.

Mara AKA The Bag Lady – Abscent

Abscent smell proof bags

If you don’t want everyone to know what you have in your bag, then maybe smell proof bags are the answer? Mara’s well known around the European Canna scene and can be found at many of the expos and trade shows. Here’s what she had to say.

Key Points:

  • Typically the UK cannabis scene is mainly a lot of smaller ‘backyard’ events and a few bigger ones – but Product Earth is an incredible community event. It’s an epic weekend in a field that brings together a hydro event, a hemp event and paraphernalia all under one roof.
  • She started selling smell proof bags after discovering the product 4 years ago. She now distributes all around Europe.
  • She does not think legally much will change in the UK in the next 5 years when it comes to Cannabis. Even though the legal market is great in Canada, Mara believes a legal market is a long way off in the UK.
  • She feels more smokers should get out and support the canna community and attend events. Some other events worth checking out include: Cultiva in Vienna, Cannafest in Prague, MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas.

More info: https://www.abscent.eu/

 Steve – Piecemaker Pipes

Piecemaker Pipes Graphic

Piecemaker pipes are a silicon wet and dry pipe manufacturer who produce ergonomic, safe and easy to clean silicon pipes. Apparently they are even recommended by the NHS.

  • The pipes are virtually indestructible and contain no plastics, as the brand believes in sustainability.
  • Piecemaker produce very small one-hitter pipes( which you can attach to a key ring) up to to large bongs and dab rigs.
  • A teams of engineers work on the product designs, and the products can glow in the dark.
  • Some of the benefits of silicon is that it’s safe, easy to grip, easy to clean and hard to break.
  • In the next 5 years Steve thinks change may happen as there is a world wide wave towards legalisation that is now unstoppable.
  • Things will start to move of the CBD and medical side first. A change in the law in respect to ‘right to grow’ would be welcomed.

More info: https://piecemakeruk.com/

Graham – Juicy Joint

Juicy Joint Shop and Logo

Evolving from a vinyl dance record store into a lifestyle/ headshop over 10-15 years, Juicy Joint has been a regular fixture on the Birmingham scene. Graham (the owner) discusses the following.

  • How the shop has been going for over 15 years. It was originally a vinyl store for the first 10 years and catered for dance music – Primarily, D&B, house, electro, techno and speed garage.
  • Now Juicy Joint is more of a lifestyle, headshop and seeds store.
  • CBD is proving popular – especially balms, creams and edibles.
  • He believes a lot of vape shops are selling CBD products, but many don’t have that much much knowledge about it, so people come to them for their expertise in the niche.
  • Overall Graham is positive that legalisation will happen in the next few years – if the politicians don’t slow it down!

More info: https://thejuicyjoint.co.uk/

Jack – The Festival Shop

The Festival Shop in Teeside

As opinions shift in respect to cannabis, so too can the way the authorities police. Whilst this seems to vary from region to region, in parts of the North East there’s a growing tends towards cannabis clubs allowed to delevop by more liberal attitudes towards policing users. Jack from Teeside based ‘The Festival Shop’ shares his thoughts.

  • Legalisation of THC could possibly result in a reduction of people smoking nicotine.
  • The wave of change has started happening with the medical establishment undertaking trials with cannabis.
  • A regulated adult cannabis market could raise tax revenue which could be reinvested into communities. That money could be used to help boost businesses and regenerate town centres, that have struggled over recent years.
  • Cannabis clubs have started to open in the North East including in Durham and Middlesbrough. Police vet the club members who apply.
  • The clubs are not just a bunch of stoners. Its more a community group that helps provide support and education for both club members and the public.
  • Whilst the law in respect to cannabis has not changed, policing tactics seems to have softened in some areas. Small grows may be tolerated or classed as personal use in parts of the UK – which Jack sees as an indication that things are beginning to change.

More info: The Festival Shop Facebook Page

Finally be sure to check out the end of the pod to hear a 3 minute musical journey featuring some of the shows guests. You’ll hear Guy from Hemptank, Greg from UKSCS, Chloe from Hempfest as well as Free Cannabis.

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