Ep007 – Meet Free Cannabis, UK Hempcrete & Hemp Artist Chloe Forfitt

Episode 7 main image of 3 guests

Lets talk about HEMP. There are many ways we can use the hemp plant (some say thousands). From extracting oil, to getting protein from the seeds and producing fibre for clothes. Or creating rope or canvas for sails, and you can even make concrete.

But you still need a home office license to grow hemp in the UK. Even though hemp can’t get you high, its still a controlled substance.

In this episode you get to hear from ‘Free Cannabis’. ‘Free’ is an activist and educator who also runs a shop in Glastonbury, Somerset called Hemp in Avalon.

Also meet Alex Sparrow the MD of UK Hempcrete. Alex is doing some good things in the construction industry, where he champions the use of hempcrete as a building solution.

In the last section, hear from artist and author Chloe Forfitt. Chloe created the book ‘Elkie Meets the Hemp Fairy’ and she talks about hemp, the right to grow and Alfonse Mucha.

Free Cannabis

Free Cannabis sitting under a Hemp Plant
  • Learn about FREE’s personal background.
  • Hear how Cannabis is food, fibre and medicine.
  • Free first moved to his Glastonbury shop in 1997 and has spent the last 20+ years raising awareness about Cannabis.
  • Free believes laws and regulations are preventing people from accessing the plant – even as patients.
  • He reminds people about the virtues of the plant and why people should grow it.
  • He also share’s his signature poem.

More info: http://freecannabis.net

Alex Sparrow – UK Hempcrete

Alex Sparrow MD Hempcrete at Product Earth
  • Hempcrete are a specialist construction contractor. Alex has been building with Hempcrete for 10 years.
  • Its possible to use hemp and lime to create a natural walling-insulation material. The company wet-mix hempcrete ‘on site’.
  • Hempcrete has been used in domestic houses and commercial buildings. There are now thousands of hempcrete homes in the UK.
  • Hempcrete appeals to many people including: People interested in low-impact living (as its an Eco -friendly material). Those who want healthy buildings – as synthetic insulation can be harmful/ dangerous. Also people who own historic buildings can use hempcrete when they can’t use synthetic materials.
  • Hempcrete is not naturally that flammable and you don’t need as many chemical treatments when using it.
  • The US farm bill has now made hempcrete more popular in the USA.
  • Alex believes the last century a petro-chemical era and this century is about bio-tech and bio-materials.

More info: https://www.ukhempcrete.com/

Chloe Forfitt – Artist and Author

Chloe Forfitt Elkie meets the hemp fairy
  • She created a children’s book about hemp called ‘Elkie meets the Hemp Fairy’ which is available on Amazon.
  • Chloe originally trained as a Steiner teacher and is inspired by Alfonse Mocha.
  • She used large pieces of Quintessential hemp paper as part of her live art demo.
  • Chloe believes people should be free grow their own hemp. To be able to put the seeds in the ground and let the sun and rain do its work.
  • It’s important to Chloe that people support the patients who are campaigning for the right to grow and legalisation of cannabis.
  • Would like to see responsible use and education, but with a caveat. Because people won’t change the system if their medicated out of their motivational space.
  • Chloe organises an event called Hempfest. She’d love to see hemp represented more at cannabis related events because she believes that through hemp, we can fix a lot of issues in the world.

More info: https://chloeforfitt.co.uk/