Ep003 – Cannabis Activist to Challenge UK Govt in Court & 1st CBD Hotel

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#003 –Meet Phil Monk from We the Undersigned a civil rights cannabis activist who’s preparing to take the UK government to court over cannabis law. Also hear from Tim Acton of Canna CBD who opened the UK’s first CBD hotel.

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We The Undersigned (WTU) – Phil Monk – Cannabis Civil Rights Activist

I speak to Phil Monk of We The Undersigned (WTU). If you believe that cannabis prohibition is wrong, then what should you do about it? Well for Phil he decided to act. He formed the cannabis civil rights group ‘We The Undersigned’ (WTU) and has never looked back. I caught up with Phil at the Birmingham NEC where he discussed medical cannabis, the right to grow and why people should know about Jack Herer.

We the undersigned have a human sovereign right to cannabis and are actively trying to apply pressure, politically and legally, to end cannabis prohibition laws. We started because I got so damned angry with the blatant fraud, corruption and hypocrisy of cannabis prohibition.

I used to be a teacher of four different subjects. I became chronically ill with pain, disabled to the extent that I couldn’t do anything. I went to pharmaceutical drugs like everyone does. I had 3 or 4 near death experiences from side effects  – and that made me I realise that my recreational drug that I had been using secretly all my entire adult life was the one thing that hadn’t harmed me and I had sub-consciously been using it for my symptoms for two decades and I just didn’t realise.

I found government reports that told them the truth about cannabis. They’ve known since 1998, but they put people in prison. They threaten me with prison and that just kicked off this burning fire of righteous injustice about the whole system.

I decided to get a solicitor to make a legal case against the government and we intend very soon to challenge the Home Office and its policy of cannabis prohibition. I’m a human rights cannabis activist and I’m fighting against financial and medical discrimination. Medical cannabis is legalised they say, only if you’ve got the money to pay for the prescription is the reality.

NHS prescribers won’t prescribe. You have a system whereby if you’re wealthy you can pay for a piece of paper to protect you from being prosecuted for using the exact same plant as another person might be using.

Phil Monk – We The Undersigned

I grow my own. I’ve been growing my own since 2014. The day I planted my first seed I wrote to the government and told them I was doing so, and I haven’t stopped since telling them.

I’m a criminal growing a schedule one drug and threatened with 14 years in prison, but the Dutch government can grow it and call it Bedrocan and can sell it back at thousands of pounds a month.

And suddenly it’s not a schedule one dangerous drug and they are not criminals their successful business people. All I want is herbal independence self-sufficiency and sustainability.

I believe everyone should have the right to grow their own, because virtually everyone can afford a seed and some soil and that’s what I fight for and what WTU fights for.

 Are you following similar guidelines to Carly’s amnesty to be able to grow nine plants for personal use?

They do currently follow that. I believe the motivation or the rationale of Carly’s group following that model is that currently under the sentencing guidelines for cannabis cultivation, 9 plants are considered by law to be a personal grow. By law automatically.

They do currently follow that. I believe the motivation or the rationale of Carly’s group following that model is that currently under the sentencing guidelines for cannabis cultivation, 9 plants are considered by law to be a personal grow. By law automatically.

As an experienced cannabis cultivator who uses a significant amount of cannabis for chronic pain – nine plants are not enough. Simple as that, you’re not going to have enough. You need more than nine its inadequate. So no, I’m not following that model. I’m growing whatever I need for my health.

Someone making a product for consumers should be regulated as a business. Someone who is providing for themselves or for their loved ones don’t need this regulation.

Under the eyes of the law from not the seat itself but anything from germination upwards counts as a plant. That means if I was in a nine-plant model – I need a perpetual cycle otherwise I’m going to run out Flowers – I need to be having petrol cycle:

That’s three in veg three in flower and three drying. What about the three I need to be using? Already I’m breaking this nine-plant model because it’s not enough. It’s not that I’m against it, but I know my circumstances and I’d need to break the rules straight off just to survive still.

Yeah, I’m a medical user…I’m not fighting for medical cannabis. There’s no such thing as medical cannabis. Cannabis is Cannabis.

Phil Monk – We The Undersigned

Someone might use it for more pleasurable experiences, like that Jack Herer strain or they might use it for medical – Bedrocan strain.

It’s the environment in which it is grown and the end purpose of the consumer that makes it one of the other, the actual plant itself is the same.

Have you found there are ratios of CBD THC strains that are more therapeutic?

Yeah I have, because I turned away from the uncontrolled, unlicensed cannabis market and decided to grow my own in 2014. I did that because I couldn’t get quality cannabis. I didn’t know what was in it, I didn’t know what its ratios were, it was never dried and cured, and it wasn’t organic.

All these many reasons determine the only moral safe and ethical way to get cannabis was to grow my own. Then when you look into the seed banks, you’ve got these seed banks with 10,000 or more varieties of cannabis. So, you’ve got a wonderful menu already with information about the ratios and their benefits. So, I’m able to go through these many seed banks and narrowed some down which ones suit me. I keep records so I know which strains of helped me, which ones haven’t. I’m able to try and get either a 1:1 ratio strain.

I need THC.

This anti THC thing is a load of nonsense – THC is a crucial element. It’s like going to an alcohol party but only being allowed alcohol-free booze. It’s ridiculous. You need it for pain, you need for creativity, need for spirituality.

Phil Monk – We The Undersigned

To be told you can only have this tiny minuscule amount…who are you to tell me I’m not allowed this amount of THC? When I can poison myself with products off any shelf, in virtually any shop in the country.

I like to have a balance 1:1. I like to have higher CBD and lower THC, depending on the time of the day.

I believe everyone’s got the one for them. Like you got your true love, you got your true strain.

Like I grow my seed, I bring it to flower, I chop it down, I dry it up, I smoke it. That’s gone then. I can never really regain those genetics. They’ve gone with that seed, like an individual that’s dead and never found again. You need to clone before you flower, you need to take off clones before you put them into flower in case she happens to be the one for your endocannabinoid system.

And if she’s the one, you need to use that clone to preserve your genetics. Now under a nine plant system you can’t do that coz I’ve only got nine plants, and in every plan I need every gram – so that’s why I’m against a limit.

Do you feel there’s been a shift in public attitude and even policing policy towards cannabis in the last few years?

Yes, is the short answer. I’ve used cannabis my whole life since 16 and the public mind first off has changed massively. They have been drip-fed a change by the media, through hemp and CBD predominantly. The policing has changed. They realise that they’ve been misinformed. In fact, they know themselves many of them know booze is more of a problem than Bud. They see it, they know it, they don’t want to police he cannabis community

What do you think is going to happen in the UK in the next 5 years in respect to the cannabis industry?

It won’t take 5 years if I have my way. We’ll have the whole paradigm of cannabis prohibition removed – that’s if we’re successful – no one else will ever be prosecuted for choosing cannabis ever if I have my way.

In the reality of what’s going on the ground with the politics of the ground, some politicians have mentioned five to ten years until they can change the law…I know for a fact under section 7.1 of the Misuse of Drugs act the home secretary has special powers to change the law – but if I have my way everyone will have the right to grow their own, or go into a shop and buy a quality regulated product or get a prescription if they need it

Find out more: WTHQ.org

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Canna CBD – Tim Acton – COO

In the next section I meet Tim Acton from CannaCBD. Tim has a growing portfolio of CBD businesses including a coffee shop, hotel and mobile CBD coffee stands. I sat down with him at this year’s product earth Expo to find out more.

Can you just tell me a little bit about some of the businesses that you have started building?

We opened up a Canna CBD about 3 1/2 years ago. We’d been working on it for a couple of years before that. It’s basically an extraction company and it’s been hard doing it in England obviously because of the law, so we do extract outside the country and then bring them in.

80% of our business is supplying smaller businesses, white label customers and wholesale customers. There’s a lot of hurdles to jump through in the UK within the industry, so we try and support all our customers as much as we can.

With the retail front of it we’ve opened up the coffee shop and bar side – green coffee lab.

We are infusing everything with CBD. From the coffee to the gin and the cocktails.

Tim Acton – CannaCBD – COO

We’ve just joined partnerships with CannaBeer brewery to stock all their products.

Above our first Green Coffee Lab we’ve got a boutique hotel called the Leafy Hotel, which is the 1st CBD hotel within the UK. We put terpenes in in the pillows to help people sleep, the light fittings are made from hemp. All the soaps are made from hemp. We’ve had a lot of great interest, so it’s going very well.

We are located next to the Magistrates Court. We get a lot of people that are appearing in court, or representing someone that’s appearing in court – so we get a whole range of people. We have teachers coming from local schools, we get a lot of the elderly coming as well as youngsters coming in.

We do get people coming in asking for pre-rolled joints, but we wanted to open it up as an area where anyone can come to ask any questions. It’s a very open space and we’ve got very knowledgeable staff.

You need some regulation. I think it should be legalised and regulated. I have spent some time over in the States and I love the way it’s done. Anyone can walk into a dispensary and ask what they need. You can find different strains which are good for different people for different things. If its regulated, more education goes into it, we can make the most out of it and it can be beneficial.

What do you think will happen in the next 5 years in the Canna industry here in the UK?

Down to me? A fully legalised dispensary style system. More education and research going into it. It’s being used more for the medicinal purposes it can be used for.

There’s a lot of good things happening, I do possibly think that in 3-5 years there will be some sort of change. Things have been very slow here and it has been very frustrating. But fingers crossed. We’ll see.

More info: cannacbd.com