Cannabis UK Legal in 5 Years?

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3 MPs on a cannabis research trip with a BBC documentary team in tow.

It’s headlining grabbing stuff. But was this one worthwhile?

A cross-party “research” trip to Canada to evaluate the legal weed market made headlines in July when David Lammy (Lab), Sir Norman Lamb (Lib) and Jonathan Djanogly’s (Con) visited Canada – where cannabis has become legalised.

As a result of the trip, David Lammy (who was originally against legalisation) changed his opinion on cannabis.

Lammy is now openly in favour of a legalised and regulated UK cannabis market, believing it will help reduce crime.

His new position was warmly welcomed by Jeff Smith MP who is part of the Labour Campaign for Drug reform. Smith believes there could be huge benefits if cannabis was legalised and regulated in a similar way to alcohol.

Liberal Democrat MP Sir Norman Lamb, was even seen consuming cannabis oil as part of a BBC documentary. It is believed that he is the first MP to openly do so on camera.

Jonathan Djanogly’s was keen to highlight the potential economic benefits of creating legal cannabis factories in the UK, which would help boost employment, especially in industrial cities.

Based on this trip it may no longer be a case of “if” Cannabis becomes legalised in the UK but “when”.

The explosion of the UK CBD market and the launch of CBD infused products (from oil, to tea, to biscuits or beer) seems to be an indicator that there is clearly demand for cannabis related products and perhaps the UK has turned a corner.