About the Canna Machine Podcast

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The Canna Machine podcast is all about the CBD and Canna industry. It covers the stories of brands, campaigners, legislation and more.

The aim is to keep things down to earth, conversational and hopefully entertaining. The main format will be interviews and reporting of various guests from the industry.

In the first episodes you’ll meet people like Taylor Blake from the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, Patrick Gillett from the Hempen co-operative in Oxfordshire, Rebekah Shaman from the British Hemp Association.

You’ll also hear from EU lobbyists such as Lorenza Romanese from EIHA, civil rights activists like Clark French from the United Patients Alliance (UPA) and Phil Monk from ‘We The Undersigned’ (WTU). Some of these folks battle some quite serious illnesses, but they still find the time and energy to campaign for the right to grow, as well as cannabis prescriptions on the NHS.

The podcast will also introduce you to seeds sellers from Spain and you can hear about Cannabis laws in Europe as well as find out about compliance.

Who should listen to this podcast?

Anybody who is interested in what is going on in the world of CBD, the cannabis industry, legislation or cannabis activism.

Whether you’re working in the industry, run a business or are thinking of starting one. Or if you’re interested in how the laws are changing and affecting people in the UK in respect to Cannabis – hopefully there’s something for you here!

The length of the podcasts will typically be no longer than 20-25 minutes. This keeps things focused, so you get the best bits.

About Gary C

Forty-something guy based in the UK. Started out life working in design and internet marketing. Ran websites, worked with lots of companies. Likes music, guitars and travel.

In summary:

Canna Machine is a weekly podcast meeting people from the CBD and Canna industry, finding out about brands, campaigns and tracking legal changes in the industry.

By the time you read this, there will be a bunch of Canna Machine episodes already up on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast etc. If you like the podcast then it would be great if you hit the subscribe button or rate and review.

And until next time…

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